My Mission


My Mission

I have always loved the process behind winning. If you do not believe there is such a process, in sports, in fantasy football, in life, then you can save yourself the next 3 minutes and stop reading right now. For the rest of you, who know working smarter will increase your likelihood of success, you came to the right place. 

My mission is simple. My mission is to help you win your fantasy football league. More specifically, my mission is to use machine learning to help you win your fantasy football league by simplifying and optimizing your decision-making process. 1 I designed an App that uses Walter, an artificially intelligent algorithm, that is better at projecting fantasy football points than ESPN, Yahoo and likely any other site you rely on for your projections. This app brings my mission to life.

Walter is NOT just my list of rankings. If that were the case, I could have saved myself a few hundred hours and simply published an article with my rankings along with the thousands of other websites that do the same.

I designed Walter to help you make decisions in the game of fantasy football with only the most accurate and important information. At the end of the day, you make the call. You decide who to draft. You decide who to start. You decide who to trade. Walter is here to make sure you have all the necessary information to make your decisions.

A Message to Fantasy Football Beginners

The truth is, by following a few simple strategies and Walter’s industry-leading projections you will have at least as good of a chance to win your league as your friend who has been playing for 10+ years. Many “veteran” players are actually at a disadvantage because they overestimate their ability to evaluate players without bias. Coming in with minimal bias and preference towards specific players will make it easier for you to make optimal decisions by focusing on the numbers rather than the names. Your other league members will overlook you. Embrace this. It will make winning the championship that much more fun.


In Walter We Trust,

Sam Factor

CEO, WalterPicks LLC

  1. This mission is related to my overarching life mission to end educational inequity in the U.S. I use WalterPicks as an example for my high school students of how math can be applied to whatever interests you.